Sorry in advance if this post is lame and ungrammatical. I’m sick *sad face* – some kind of stomach virus. I had some soup earlier and managed to keep it down, so that’s something to celebrate. Yay.

I really hope that there are some court dates announced soon. With the rumors floating around that MOWA is working to clear the backlog of cases as quickly as possible, one would expect to see at least one travel group being announced this week. I almost don’t even care if I’m included in the group; as long as there’s some movement, I’ll be thrilled. Has anybody heard anything?


Now, for the topic of the day…relocation. I live in a rural, lily white state that has been overtaken by Free Staters, Tea Partiers, and the John Birch Society. I realize that this is kind of a national political movement that isn’t confined to my state, but I can’t bring up my daughter in this environment. It’s definitely time for us to move to a blue state.

To be honest, I don’t even like it here. I never meant to settle down here, it just happened. Aside from the political landscape, it snows too much, there’s no public transportation and there are no Ethiopian restaurants. Plus, there’s nothing to do, you have to drive well over 90 minutes to find any civilization…and I don’t like to drive, so that’s a problem for me.


I like my job, but there are lots of jobs out there. My family’s nearby, but that’s what frequent flyer miles are for. It’s not like my family and I are terribly close anyway, for reasons not worth going into here. Unfortunately, I’m underwater on my mortgage, so T and I will have to stick it out for at least a couple of years until the housing market bounces back. But by the time she’s ready for school, I think we’ll be relocating to another part of the country.


Here are my criteria:


  • Urban/dense suburban
  • Public transportation/commuter rail
  • Diverse population
  • An Ethiopian community (and Ethiopian adoption community) would be a major plus
  • Good school system
  • Cultural and other activities, lots of stuff for kids to do
  • Not in the Bible belt – not trying to offend anyone, I just can’t
  • Snowy winters are acceptable, as long as there’s public transportation/commuter rail (see above)
  • Cost of living – for example, NY and San Francisco are way out of my range
  • Decent job market – I’m a product manager in a technology field, but it’s not like I’m tied to that industry



So far my list includes: Chicago, Portland (OR), Minneapolis/St. Paul, and that’s it. Any suggestions for other places that might fit the bill? Is there anything else I should be considering?


Also, is it completely irresponsible of me to start over in a new place as an almost 40 year old single mom who has – with the exception of a couple of memorable years abroad – always lived in the same general area? Is it going to harm my child if I deprive her of her grandma, aunts, uncles and cousins?