Okay so have you all seen the latest on the changes? This is good news, right?




“We have heard from our staff in Ethiopia this morning, and we understand that MoWA has agreed to process 20 cases a day rather than the 5 cases we had heard recently.

Please know that we are still waiting for the official MoWA announcement on this to confirm it 100%.  There are still many question unanswered and we are watching and waiting to see what develops.  We will keep you posted!!”




This is from another agency’s blog, but I hope that my agency confirms the news soon. It’s still a reduction in the number of cases – about half of the previous volume – but far less drastic than the 5 cases/day figure that was originally reported. On the State Department conference call last week, their best guess was that – at 5 cases/day – it would take about a year to clear the current backlog. So at 20 cases/day, that would be, what, 4 months? I can’t do math in my head, so just go with it.


20 seems like a reasonable number, doesn’t it? Enough of a reduction so that MOWA can investigate cases thoroughly, but not so drastic that everything grinds to a halt. Honestly, if MOWA wants to slow its roll, I’m all for it. I’ve been saying for a while that the program’s too big, that’s it’s grown too fast, that there are too many agencies and too many red flags. If this leads to a more ethical program that serves children who genuinely needs homes, I applaud MOWA for taking this step.


But as far as my personal situation goes, this is devastating. I’m kind of a mess right now, you guys. My daughter’s sitting in an orphanage and I just want to go get her. Right. Now. Sure, it’s a nice orphanage – the agency-run transition home – and she’s being well cared for. But it’s still an orphanage.


Prior to the changes being announced, I was anxious to travel…but also excited. Now I’m just anxious. Even if MOWA agrees to 20 cases/day, even if my agency is able to move families through quickly, I am always going to be waiting for the other shoe to drop until I have T home with me. Some other process change, another slow down, yet another ridiculous Friday afternoon email that shatters my world.


I think I’ll feel a little better once I have a new time frame to latch onto. The uncertainty (up to a year? really?) is really getting to me. And I know I’m not alone. Whether you’re waiting for referral, waiting for court, or waiting for embassy – we’re all anxious and worried right now. Hugs to everybody. I’m thinking of you.