August 2010

This is Baxter, my baby:

He’s going gray just like his momma!


I am trying, with all my mental energy, to be zen about the Wait. It’s not going to go any faster if I fixate on it – all that does is create wrinkles and grey hair, which I already have plenty of, thankyouverymuch. I go a little bananas on Tuesdayssrsly, who doesn’t? – but otherwise I’ve told myself that I’m not gonna think about the Wait, not gonna get upset, not gonna cry at work again like that one time a few weeks ago. It’s better to distract myself, I’ve decided. This is my chance to learn new things, live it up, date, maybe even do a little traveling before being a mommy takes over my whole life. That’s what people keep telling me, anyway.

But here’s the thing: after 13 months, I’m starting to run out of ideas. Teaching myself Amharic isn’t going so well, since I never actually opened the book or played the cd; it turns out that neither scrapbooking nor photography are the hobby for me; and there’s only so many times (3 ½) a girl can fail at making injera before she gives up completely. Otoh, I do like blogging; I should really do that more often lol. Living it up? I did that in my twenties, got tired of it, not interested anymore. Dating? Not so much. Travel? Aside from a possible long weekend in Florida this winter – my first real vacation in over 4 years, I’m sad to tell you – it’s not really in my budget at the moment to indulge my travel bug, even though I’d really like to. (Yes, I do realize that I’ll be traveling to Ethiopia twice next year, thanks for reminding me.) In a way, it was easier when I worked two jobs; I may have been miserable, but at least I was miserable for non-Waiting reasons.

Next time, I’ll blog about some of the things I am doing to keep myself distracted busy.

*LG – this is what I call my future child. It stands for Little Guy/Little Girl/Little Godot

Vladimir: That passed the time.

Estragon: It would have passed in any case.

Vladimir: Yes, but not so rapidly.**

**Yeah that’s right, here at B2C, you get Beckett and True Blood. And footnotes for the footnotes. That’s just how I roll.

Yesterday was my brother’s girlfriend’s baby shower.  Lots of fun, great to see everyone, Kate and Eric looked really happy:

Predictably, I forgot to bring my camera to the shower, but I let Jacob take over photography duties with the Droidcam

Meet Jacob, Ace Photographer:

Here’s me with my little bro:

I don’t photograph well, srsly.  I look rather, um, wide in this shot.

And here I am with my niece Beelzebub Bella Marie:

This time I look vampiric a teensy bit pale.  And what’s with the crookedy necklace?  Bella is stunning, per usual.

Another Bella pic, because the cuteness simply cannot be contained:


Anyhoodle, congratulations, Kate and Eric!  I’m so excited for you guys!  It’s going to be really fun and interesting with Bella, Mia, and LG all growing up together!