In a previous post, I told you about my plan to keep my child’s first name and to add a new middle name. Or the other way around. Either way, I thought it would be fun to make a list of my favorite Ethiopian names for your reading pleasure. My plan to create a series of posts, one per name, where I will talk about the name and why I like it. This isn’t meant to be a comprehensive database of Ethiopian names, which you can easily find here, here, or here ; but an entirely subjective list of names I happen to be considering.  My hope is for people to comment and help me choose.

Makeda (ማክዳ) is one of several Ethiopian ‘M’ names for girls that I really like, and it happens to be the current front runner. I’ve seen several meanings for this name – magnificent, high tower, beautiful arm rest (uh, what?) – but my favorite meaning is this one: Queen of Sheba. You know the story, don’t you? The famous Queen of Sheba who visited King Solomon in Biblical times, remember? Well, her name was Makeda. According to Ethiopian tradition, Makeda bore Solomon a son named Menelik, who founded the Ethiopian empire and brought the Ark of the Covenant to Axum, where it supposedly remains to this day. That is one heck of a legacy, people. On a practical note, it’s an easy name for Americans to sound out. In fact, it sounds an awful lot like names you hear on American playgrounds today – Michaela, Kayden – and therefore wouldn’t sound one bit out of place. I’m not sure about a nickname, though – Mak, Maki, Kady, Kay? Any suggestions?

P.S. I have no clue how to fix the inconsistent font.  Sorry if it’s distracting.